Raising Of Wala Dam

The existing Wala Dam is a composite dam comprised of a central spillway section made of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) and two wing embankments on each side. The dam was constructed with a spillway crest elevation of 520 MASL (central part) and with wing embankments on both banks with a crest elevation of 524.0 MASL. 
The existing structures of Wala Dam should be raised and extended (widened or lengthened), with the objective to raise the current normal level of water in the reservoir from the elevation of 520.0 MASL to the elevation of 535.0 MASL, as well as to raise a dam crest from the elevation of 524.0 MASL to the elevation of 539.0 MASL.

Major aspects of the project:

  • The length of the dam at the crest is 378 m.
  • The main spillway width is 105 m
  • The height of the dam after raising 62 m.
  • The volume of CVC is 75,000 m³.
  • The volume of RCC is 75,000 m³.
  • The volume of excavation is 100,000 m³
  • The volume of fill materials (Embankment) is 90,000 m³.
  • The drilling & grouting length is 33,000 m.
  • Jet grouting volume is 4,000 m³.
  • Existing 400 m tunnel length to be extended 200 m.

Project Information:

  • Employer:  Jordan Valley Authority.
  • Consultant:  National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) with Consolidated Consultants Group (CCG).
  • Contract Value:  35 Million USD
  • Actual value of the project 46 Million USD
  • Project status: Completed