The Rehabilitation and Reinstatement Works of Dike 19

This project comprises the works required for the rehabilitation and reinstatement of part of the existing Dike 19 with a total length of 7.5 km, consisting of various materials with a width of 300 m and a height of about 14 m.

Major aspects of Gecom's scope of work:

  • The volume of general excavation & removal of materials from the existing Dike is 500,000 m³.
  • The total volume of fill materials is 2,300,000 m³
  • The volume of drilling and grouting for sinkholes treatment is 20,000 m drilling and 20,000 m³ of grout mix.    

Project information:

  • Employer:  Arab Potash Company Ltd. (APC)
  • Consultant: Dar AI Handasah Consultants (Shair & Partners)
  • Contractor: Hidroconstructia S.A
  • Percentage of share: 30 %( Subcontractor)
  • Value of contract: 28 Million Dollars
  • Project Status: Under construction, 69 % completed