East expansion of APC evaporation ponds - SP2-3 ( Part C)

The purpose of the Works under the present Contract is to construct the new salt pond SP2-3 for enrichment of brine by evaporation and salt deposit. The volume of excavation around 3.6 million cubic meters on a land area of 1.3 millions square meters,The Works for expansion Part C is including also the works for the construction of a new dike and the flood protection works in the Numeira Wadi Area.

  • Project information:
  • Employer: Arab Potash Company Ltd. (APC)
  • Consultant: Royal Haskoning DHV
  • Value of project: 19 Million USD Dollars
  • Commencement date 01/08/2022.
  • Project Duration 940 days.
  • Contract Date for completion: 25/02/2025.